About us

“Noon studio” launch on 2013 by two Thai designers Jitrin Cheunarom (Nod) and Siree Chitphong (Nong) , both graduated from Faculty of Architecture, bachelor degree in Industrial Design (Majors in Metal design). They have the same attitude for designing jewelry&accessories. So, they started up the brand together. Under the concept of used the uniqueness of such materials to made something new happen.

“Noon Studio” is a brand that is not blocking materials to the creative process.
We believe that “everything’s had the difference” .All Materials had valuable and beautiful in their way if you use it correctly. We enjoy experimenting with exotic materials for create a new products that make people wonder. And reflect a beauty through jewelry like sculptural art pieces that can be worn.So, that’s why our work is partially handmade/Semi-industry that makes us different and difficult to imitate.